The Why to Walker & Hunt

We believe that when someone thinks of Ireland, a few things come to mind. Perhaps, it's our famous literary past with the likes of WB Yeats and Oscar Wilde, you have our iconic green landscapes and our culture that always excites the imagination. Ireland is a small country that is full of icons. Icons that have been exported and loved all around the world. We aim for Walker & Hunt to be one of those icons that truly represent Ireland on a global scale.


Launched in June 2019 by Luke Dully. We’re for the fashion-conscious man who embraces a smooth, heritage style and cares about the world around them and their impact on it. Wearers of Walker & Hunt have ambition and a personal mission that goes beyond simply fashion.

Our long term vision is to keep innovating and creating new ways of making our clothing, products, packaging and delivery while never compromising on style and quality.


There is personal meaning to everything we do at Walker & Hunt. While we pride ourselves and being fashion-forward and reinventing a subtle style for men, we will remain a brand that is about more than just looking good.


Refined. Versatile. Sophisticated.

Our most recent short term store to let customers feel the Walker & Hunt experience